Every year since 1914 the International Expo of Cycle and Motorcycle is held in Milan, one the most important trade fair events in the world regarding motorcycles and the two wheeler world in general.
An eternal symbol of freedom and an instrument of escape from daily life, the pictures narrate motorcycles when revealed to its initiates.
Images made of flesh and plates recount a world where the dullness of women bodies is an accessory for the shiny and mechanical dream of breakout from reality. Carene tells us about an exhibitionist Milan, exhibiting itself to Europe and the world through its progress myth, but still posing for a picture with the present.

Solo exhibition at Marsèll Paradise,
20 Novmber 2017 — 18 December 2018
Milano, Italy.

Photographs and design by Francesco Villa.
Printed in 50 copies
Somewhere, 2019